editorial design | design research | communication
2021 — 2022

A recounting of my thesis research on Asian representation in Western cinema and its effects on identity formation in Asian diaspora, exemplifying my observations from my critical film viewing methodology. Personable and tactile, freshoffthescreen is a zine created to reveal the explicit and implicit issues in current representations of Asians in film in relation to identity in Asian diaspora in North America.

Objective + Dissemination
Based on my thesis research, I wanted to create a personable zine that explored my personal experience with identity as a part of the Asian diaspora in relation to recent western portrayals of Asian diaspora in Hollywood. The zine also serves as a starting point for other Asian diaspora who may want to try this reflective methodology for themselves.

Critical Review of North American films from the past 10 years
with Asian Characters 

A three part process of critical film viewing.