Hi I’m David!✨️
Graphic designer by day, penguin enthusiast by night. I love exploring different methods to communicate through design, while challenging myself creatively. I think collaborating with other creatives is what makes design so interesting. I find being able to bounce ideas around and observing different design approaches for the same challenge very intriguing. Apart from design, I love are photography, fashion, and collecting music records.

Let’s work together someday!

🎶️ top 10 songs in my playlist currently 🎶️

Who Hurt You? - Daniel Caesar
My Place (feat. Zion T.) - Giriboy
Infrared Camera - Wonstein
Y Earned (feat. Gaeko & Sole) - SMTM9
Dead Man Walking - Brent Faiyaz
Self Control - Frank Ocean
Circles - Mac Miller
In a Bossa Mood - Gordan Rees
Everybody - Mac Miller

Now that you’ve seen my work

Let’s collaborate sometime!✨️

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